Your Own Closure

Since you get none from a narcissist.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash

You’ll never get closure from a narcissist.

Which makes for a very difficult ending to process.

Eventually you’ll have to give yourself your own closure in order to move on.

Now, for some closure:

Source: Google

“There is a region in the human brain that is considered the seat of compassion and empathy, known as the insular cortex. The insular cortex is deep in the cerebral cortex, a region made of folded gray matter (the wiring of the brain) that plays an enormous role in conscious awareness (Hagman et al., 2008).”

“The anterior insula is not the only region of narcissist’s brains that are not normal as gray matter, in general, is affected. Gray matter consists of connective tissue that is covered with an insulator known as myelin and acts as the wiring connecting the brain so its structures can communicate.”

“Not only was their anterior insula and white matter abnormal, but also their cerebral cortex (the thinking and reasoning part of the brain) had abnormalities as well. They noted in their research that all these structures are involved in the processing and generation of compassion for others (Schulze et al., 2013)”

In short:

The narcissist’s brain is fucked beyond repair.

Everything the narcissist did was a manifestation of their neurological abnormalities.

Nothing of it was personal.

The narcissist doesn't have a fully functioning brain.

They're disabled, a mental patient.

You were with a mentally disabled individual.

I don’t think there exists a better closure.