What Narcissists Want Out of Life

Is it not love?

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by Handy Wicaksono on Unsplash

Everyone wants their life to be fulfilled.

And for most that would entail a life that’s filled with love, care, companionship and purpose.

For narcissists not so much.

Narcissists fear to live a life without admiration.

Narcissists want people to think highly of them.

To keep their reality intact and keep their alter ego alive.

Narcissists suffer from NPD, a shame based disorder.

What narcissists are avoiding their whole life, is shame.

They don’t wanna feel embarrassed.

That’s it basically.

That’s why NPD provides them with an altered reality.

A reality in which they’re flawless and every shameful action, or behavior that’s disapproved of, is caused by you.

Their shame is yours to bear.

That's all they want out of life.

People who admire them for being perfect.

And people who carry their shame.

And because the one always turns to the other, their reality stays intact.

And their life fulfilled.

Not much of a life is it?