We Blackmailed The Narcissist

A new business opportunity.

Sophia Bell On Medium



Here’s a nice little anecdote for you.

Some time ago, my friend met someone online.

It was a lovestory like no other.

This person slid into my friend’s DM.

Asking her if she was from a specific part of the UK.

My friend, after checking out his profile filled with his muscled man selfies, decided to respond.

Indeed she was from that part of the country.

Turned out, he was too.

Apparently he had known her since childhood, which my friend didn’t recall, but for the sake of pleasuring her eyes, she went along with it.

The entanglement turned into daily facetime calls at the crack of dawn.

She felt pressured to be available at 6 am in the morning, because the guy had no other timeslot available.

See, she had moved to the US, and because this person was still living in the UK, she completely understood the abhorrent timeslot she was granted.

Which led to her giving up her gym classes and having to sleep with a full face of make-up on.

As time went by, my friend fell more and more in love with bootleg G.I. Joe.

Oh, he was so masculine. He was a paratrooper that had made a career in the national bobsledding team.

Pictures with Prince Charles, graced his Instagram page, amongst other trophee memorabilia.

My friend thought she hit the lottery.

Slowly but surely this guy, sensing her attachment, started asking things from her.

He’d go about it like this:

“ Hey, how much do Canada Goose jackets cost in the US?”

My friend would be like, ehm so and so much.

Then he’d respond by telling her that that’s way cheaper than in the UK, and if she could order him one.

My friend, not wanting to look like a bum, would do it and, naturally, expect from him to return her the money.