Understanding What a Narcissist Means

They’re words are easy to decipher.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

Finding out what a narcissist is all about, how they actually feel and what they were actually doing, is extremely shocking.

Nevertheless, they tell you everything you need to know, upfront.

Narcissists just say things in reverse.


  • I would never talk to you the way I just spoke to my ex.
  • I love everything about you.
  • I would never want anyone else but you.


  • I will 100% talk to you the same way I just spoke to my ex.
  • I hate everything about you.
  • I will always want other people.


  • I didn’t do that, you’re crazy.
  • You always think I’m doing something, when you clearly are the liar in this situation.
  • You think you’re all that, but you’re not.


  • I did that, you’re sharp.
  • I’m always doing something, I’m a liar.
  • I think you’re all that, and I’m not.


  • You’re fucking toxic, you can’t be in a relationship.
  • I’m done.
  • I will never hurt you again.


  • I’m fucking toxic, I can’t be in a relationship.
  • I will never be done.
  • I will always hurt you again.

If you listen closely, a narcissist will tell you everything.

Everything they'll do and everything they feel.

They use a very simple trick to hide what they’re about, they just tell you the EXACT opposite.