Trying to Get the Narcissist Back

And be done with their new partner.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readJun 1


If you’re trying to find ways to make the narcissist dump their new partner and come back to you, you need to stop.

The only thing that can make a narcissist be done with their new partner, is their disorder.

And the only thing that can make a narcissist come back to you is their disorder.

Narcissists are steered by their disorder, not by anything or anyone else.

The narcissist will inevitably start disapproving of this new partner, like they disapprove of you.

Whenever this partner’s supply starts declining, which will be when they completely commit and emotionally attach to the narcissist, the narcissist’s disorder will start giving the narcissists reasons for why this partner is to be disliked.

The partner will enter devaluation and be subjected to disrespect, disregard, inconsideration, disloyalty and all the rest of the things you went through.

This is the period that you’ll get your chance to reunite with the narcissist.

You’ll probably be one of the people they’ll call to relief themselves from boredom, or they might find another use for you.

Either way, the narcissist will probably reach out, unblock you, or just place themselves in your vincinty to “randomly” bump into you.

You'll have a choice to either entertain them, or not.

If you do, the narcissist will, most likely, start cheating on their partner with you.

You’ll be the other woman/man that can only call them at certain times and be told to be discrete and accept that the narcissist doesn’t have another choice but to be with their partner and have you on the side.

Might they really get tired of their partner, they'll have you as a safety net and possibly leave them to return to you, to bridge the gap between that partner and the next.

This will be the glorious time you're longing for.

Straight into devaluation (the mimicry of lovebombing won't last longer than a day) you'll find yourself with a philandering narcissist that's actively looking for the next, while