The Steps Narcissists Take To Hide Their Cheating

They all do it.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readMar 13


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Before finding out about the narcissist’s infidelity, you’ll have gone through some stages with them.

They literally all take the same route.

Let me share the exact steps they take when they embark on their journey of self-gratification.



All of a sudden the narcissist is disgruntled, you don't get why, but the narcissist is implying it's your fault.

The narcissist stays disgruntled.


The narcissist seems to be detaching from the relationship, they're speaking less, calling less and just everything less.

You try to find out why, the narcissist throws a fit about you being insecure, possessive or just an overall failure.

This goes on for a while.


The narcissist starts blocking you, because, according to the narcissist, you're pissing them off.

Anytime you try to de-escate shit, or ask the narcissist to behave like a grown adult and talk to you, you're pissing them off even more.

Everything that's happening now is your fault.


You find out that the narcissist’s been cheating, all throughout STEP 1, 2 and 3.

But you were too distracted by trying to figure out what was wrong and how you could stop the narcissist from being pissed at you.

This process is executed by every single cheating narcissist.

“Look over there!”

(Look at yourself and what you’re doing to piss the narcissist off.)

So you don’t see the narcissist.