The Pain That Narcissists Can Cause

Is not to be underestimated.

Sophia Bell On Medium
1 min readMar 14


Will it ever end?

How much more can I take?

When you’re with a narcissist, you’ll find yourself wondering these things at some point.

Narcissists don’t ever let off.

The most underestimated trait of a narcissist, is their capacity to hurt you.

Narcissists hurt you in ways, you never knew you could hurt.

And you keep underestimating them.

Thinking you've seen the worst, and that's the best they can do.

Only to be horrified by the discovery of, yet another level of pain.

They're relentless, remorseless and merciless.

The depth of their viciousness is really unchartered territory for those who haven't experienced their “companionship”.

Because you're unfamiliar with the aches they bring along, you keep underestimating what they still got up their sleaves.

It's just unfathomable.

And that’s why the degree of pain they can cause you, is underestimated.

You lack the information to make any estimation.

And you stay, convinced that the worst has finally passed.

It never passes.

Because there is no limit to a narcissist’s cruelty.

And the longer you stay,

The more you will endure.