The Narcissistic Relationship

And how it always unfolds.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readJan 23


Almost everyone that’s with a narcissist will start to wonder at some point,

Am I with a narcissist?

How can I know that I am?

Maybe I’m exaggerating.

They were nice to me yesterday.

Maybe they’re just having a hard time.

Maybe it’s me.

Am I accusing them too much?

Is it my nagging?

And those are exactly the things you’ll wonder about, when you’re in a narcissistic relationship.

It’s the cognitive dissonance.

Narcissistic relationships all develop, pretty much, the same.

The timeline of such relationships and changes, are almost identical.

Here’s what happens during the relationship, these are the changes your narcissistic partner will exhibit:

They start of being the best partner you ever came across and want to spend their every waking minute with you.

They’ll understand you and the things you've been through, because they share similar life experiences.

Until one day they’re irritated, they feel that you’re too attached, want too much time with them, or want to know where they are at all hours of the day.

When they’re the ones that imposed that complete transparency and intense partnership on you.

Then the narcissist turns into a full blown asshole, being mean, insulting and inconsiderate.

They move on from that stage into the shady stage, when they pile up lies on top of lies.

You won’t understand wtf they’re constantly lying about.

You're then greeted by the tirant narcissist that rants and rages at you for asking a normal question, or just for nothing, just because you're there.

The tirant narcissist turns into the absent narcissist.

They don’t answer their phone most of the time and seem to not want to spend time with you.

They’re busy doing other things, with other people.

Last stage is when the butterfly turns into the caterpillar.

The mean asshole turns into the deranged narcissist.

You’ll see the utmost callousness and hatred you’ve ever seen in your life.

That’s when you’ll have your revelation.

They never gave 2 fucks. Wow.

That's how their behavior changes.

It’s the epitome of a downward spiral.

Nothing like you've ever seen.

If you recognize your partner in this description, leave no room for doubt.

You’re with a narcissist.

At the very least.