The Narcissist Started a New Life

It’s as if they never knew you.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by Angelique EMONET on Unsplash

Every so often the narcissist performs a purification ritual.

They block, they change their number, delete their FB account and so on.

The narcissist rids themselves of their previous life and starts a whole new one.

New people, new number, new social media.

All of a sudden the narcissist’s social media will show a completely different narcissist.

One with other convictions, other interests and another lifestyle.

The narcissist is a new person.

Despite going through all of that trouble, the narcissist will at some point try to integrate the old with the new and taint their own purification process.

My ex keeps me up to date to this day.

Everytime he starts a new cleansing, I get a cordial email notifying me of his new number, might I be inclined to reach out for some reason.

Very considerate of him really.

The new email, or any contact attempt, will always let you know when a cycle has ended and a new one is starting.

Narcissists do that.

Be advised that you’ll soon be notified of another number change.

As soon as this cycle ends, or is about to end.

You're only excluded from the first cycle after yours.