The Narcissist is The Problem

Never you mind the relationship.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Why are there always issues arising in a narcissistic relationship, you might wonder.

Why does there always have to be a problem?

It’s because a narcissist enters a relationship dragging a dumpster full of problems with them, into the relationship.

Here are some of those problems:

  • The narcissist hates you.
  • The narcissist is quickly bored.
  • The narcissist cannot emotionally attach to you.
  • The narcissist never commits to anyone.
  • The narcissist has a constant need for instant gratification.
  • You will inevitably fail to live up to the narcissists unrealistic expectations and the narcissist will blame you for that.
  • The narcissist can’t carry any blame or take accountability for anything.
  • Because the narcissist is quickly bored, but has a relentless need for gratification, they tend to stray. And blame you for making them unhappy, which leads them to be unfaithful.
  • The narcissist lacks object constancy, if you sneeze the wrong way, you will be declared their archenemy.
  • The narcissist doesn’t give 2 fucks about you, or how you feel.

The narcissist is the problem.

You can’t fix the narcissist.

Therefore the problems will be ever present.