The Narcissist is Over You Already

They don’t need any time to emotionally detach.

Sophia Bell On Medium
1 min readMay 24, 2024
Photo by Christian Buehner on Unsplash

It takes minus 36 months for a narcissist to get over you.

Or the negative of however long your relationship lasted after lovebombing.

The narcissist was over you that very minute.

Do not mistake a narcissist’s unwillingness to leave you alone for having to “get over” you or anything you did.

The narcissist isn't emotionally attached to you.

The narcissist is emotionally attached to what they want and need.

If that happens to be something you have, let’s say your ATM card or maybe your begging and crying, the narcissist will want to make their return to you.

If they’re getting what they need somewhere else, you might as well be dead.

The narcissist will forget about your very existence.

You’re nothing but a commodity for a narcissist.

Like a fork.

Narcissists don’t attach, they use.