The Narcissist Changed

Will they treat their new partner right?

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

When a narcissist starts a new relationship, they start a new personality along with it.

The narcissist is different.

Every person makes a narcissist different.

Narcissists mirror.

Everyone that enters a relationship with a narcissist, will get their own behavior, convictions, beliefs and character mirrored to them.

Although narcissists do this subconsciously, it’s their best bet at getting someone to like them.

An automatic behavior that’s steered by their disorder.

The narcissist will temporarily adapt the new persons character traits, way of life and opinions.


That's until this new person, inevitably, dissapoints the narcissist for not living up to the narcissists unrealistic expectations.

And devaluation sets in.

What follows is the rest of their behavior, steered by their disorder:

Villainizing the partner.
Rationalizing and justifying their abuse.

That’s when there’ll be zero difference between the behavior displayed towards this new person and their behavior towards you.

Which will, once again, show that:

Narcissists are incapable of change, due to being steered by a disorder.

And noone can possibly make a narcissist be different.

It’s a disorder characterized by rigid patterns.

Noone can or will escape the narcissist’s wrath.