Taking a Narcissist Back

After no-contact.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readMar 10


Donald Giannatti unsplash.com

So you took the narcissist back.

After they groveled, begged and pleaded.

They cried and promised change.

So much so, that they managed to convince you of an intense level of remorse they’re experiencing.

You felt they really learned their lesson now and it would be safe to take them back now.

Success guaranteed.

Then before you know it, the narcissist dishes out an insult.

Their demeanor nothing like the day before, when you decided to give them another chance.

You’re baffled by the narcissist’s audacity.

What does this mean?

I’ll tell you what it means.

It means you should brace yourself.

Because you’re about to be insulted and degraded on another level.

If you took this narcissist back after no contact, this is what that narcissist is gonna do:

  • Start right back at devaluing you, but worse.
  • Make you feel rejected and worthless, like you tried to do them.
  • Cheat on you with a fucking passion.
  • Make sure you pay for that bold no contact move you thought you could do, but obviously couldn’t.
  • Now that they know that you’re contemplating leaving them, they’ll start preparing the most vile, inhumane and degrading discard in secret.

NEVER take a narcissist back after you leave.

They WILL settle the score with you.

Narcissists are very vindictive.

Once you’ve shown them that leaving them is an option for you, they will get back with you, just to leave you in the worst way possible.

Those insults they uttered,

Are just a little prelude to what's to come.

The complete annihilation of your spirit.