Restoring Your Dignity

After narcissistic abuse.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash

When you come out of a narcissistic relationship, you basically feel like crap.

The narcissist’s been rejecting, neglecting and degrading you for almost the entire relationship.

Which has a serious effect on you.

You feel worthless, used and embarrassed.

So how do you get back to feeling good about yourself again?

You take back your power.

You handed it all to the narcissist.

You made them the judge of your value, worth, relevance and overall usefulness.

You begged for and chased after the narcissist’s approval for so long, that you forgot that it's not the narcissist who determines whether you count or not.

You need to come back home.

Come back to the person that is you.

You left that person to wither and now it's covered in dust and cobwebs.

Brush yourself off and start seeing and taking care of yourself again.

Much like the narcissist, you were counting on them to reflect back at you the person that you are.

You were looking in the narcissist’s mirror.

What they showed you was worthlessness and irrelevance.

Stop looking in that mirror.

Turn away your gaze and turn it inwards.

Realize that it’s you, and only you who can determine who you are.

Never a narcissist.

Hand yourself your dignity back, that you allowed the narcissist to take from you.