Nightmares About the Narcissist

Reliving the discard.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readJun 4


Yesterday I was talking to a client of mine and she brought up the nightmares.

It’s been a while since her discard and she thought she was doing pretty ok, until the haunting nightmares started recently.

The nightmares in which the narcissist hurts you like they did when they discarded you and doesn’t care about your pain at all.

The ones in which you’re hysterically crying, just like you were when the actual discard took place.

Reliving the emotions that came with the discard.

These nightmares can shake your whole world up and have an effect on you for days to come.

She asked me if I thought she should go on antidepressants.

To which I responded no.

The nightmares are a very common after effect after having suffered a discard.

A discard is extremely traumatizing, and on top of what you already endured during the entire relationship, it can cause PTSD.

Narcissists emotionally traumatize you to the point of causing you to have to process what happened, for an extensive period of time.

The nightmares usually start when you’ve processed the intial shock of it all.

It’s when you start letting go and relaxing a bit, that all of a sudden your brain surprises you with having to relive the narcissist’s torture at night.

It’s all part of healing.

Your brain can’t let go of occurences without processing them first.

The nightmares are part of that.

Your brain is trying to let go.

And it will at some point.

But not before it can comprehend and make sense of it all.

The nightmares are temporary, they’re never a reason to get on some medication that you’ll probably have to continue taking for the rest of your life, once you start taking them.

Understand that the nightmares are the last part of letting the narcissist go.

They’re a necessary evil.

They’re an indication of your body and mind healing from the trauma it suffered.

Ironically, they’re actually good news.

Consider them the announcement of the end of road.

The last phase of your healing journey.