Narcissists Fake Everything

They have no qualms.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readMay 22, 2024
Photo by Trinity Nguyen on Unsplash

I bet you know about the distressed call from the narcissist.

Informing you about some unfortunate occurence.

Which you, later down the road, found out about was fake.

Narcissists will literally fake everything.

They fake depression.

They fake cancer.

They fake emergencies.

They fake death.

And they fake mental breakdowns.

They have 2 main reasons for doing that.

The first being to elicit sympathy.

When the narcissist finally understands that you’re over them because you clearly don’t give 2 fucks anymore about anything they have to say, the narcissist will send you a text claiming that someone died, or that they’re dying (usually of cancer.)

And that's to get you to care again, so the narcissist can continue their life's mission of fucking your life to smithereens.

The second reason they have for doing that, is so you leave them alone.

When the narcissist needs some time off from you so they can invest that time in the person they’re with behind your back, in order to convince that person that they’re single and in a relationship with them, the narcissist will claim that they’re depressed or in a bad place needing to figure things out.

And that’s to pre-explain the fact that your calls will go unanswered, might you not get the hint that you're not to reach out to the narcissist until they reach out to you.

Yeah narcissists fake shit all the time.

It’s part of faking an entire relationship.