Narcissists Don’t Like Confrontation

Not because they’re scared you found out about something, but because it annoys them.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readMay 27, 2024
Photo by Obie Fernandez on Unsplash

Narcissists don’t like you bringing up any issues you have with them.

They really don’t like you talking to them at all.

They just want you to leave them tf alone.

Not too much though.

You can't leave them alone to the extent of not paying their way through life anymore and visibly deteriorating before their very eyes.

No, they'd like to keep those perks.

But at no point in time does the narcissist enjoy you striking up a conversation with them.

Especially when trying to imply that they’re misbehaving.

The narcissist doesn’t wanna hear it.

They’re free to do as they please and go where they like.

You're only there because they haven't been adopted by someone else yet.

They don’t love you.

They have zero responsibility towards you.

They hate you.

They wanna ruin your life.

And they need for you to enthousiastically and compassionately understand that, until they finally get adopted.

There's nothing else between the two of you.

Why would the narcissist discuss their behavior with you when they’ve already made it clear that it's either this or nothing?

The audacity of you trying to talk to them..

When they don’t even wanna be with you.