Narcissists And Promises

How they get away with never delivering on any of them.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Have you ever done the math?

If so, you would’ve come to the conclusion that the narcissist hasn’t delivered on, not even one of their promises.


You’d think there’d be repercussions.

Or atleast some form of accountability.

But, as we all know, narcissists don’t do accountability.

And hardly suffer any consequences of anything they do, or don’t do, for that matter.

So how is it that they get away with 50 million empty promises?

What’s the rationalization?

How come that’s ok?

Well, there’s not always a “valid” reason.

There are two ways their thought process goes about this.

Every narcissist’s empty promise, is either not justified,

Or justified by you not deserving what they promised.

That's it.

Narcissists aren't gonna go out of their way to come up with excuses for anything they did.

That includes not delivering on their promises.