Lovebombing Versus Falling in Love

The difference.

Sophia Bell On Medium


Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

You don’t really trust anything anymore once you’ve been with a narcissist.

Especially when it comes to getting to know potential partners.

So what’s the difference?

How do you distinguish between lovebombing and falling in love?

Lovebombing is surreal.

It's too good to be true.

Everything alligns.

You share the same hobbies, like the same food, everything is perfect.

You're talking about marriage and babies within the first two weeks.

You're together every free minute you have.

And you’re telling everyone that you’ve never met someone so considerate, reapectful and loving before.

You think you found the one.

Apart from noticing at times that the narcissist doesn’t really know what they're talking about, when you're discussing your shared interests, but you brush it off.

And you hear the narcissist bashing their ex and some other people that you don't really know, which is weird and not a great character trait, but you figure that this nice person could never be malicious, therefore those people probably deserve to be disliked.

That's lovebombing.

As far as falling in love,

You appreciate eachother for eachother's differences, they're cute.

You don't commit before you actually know the person.

And you won't be told that you're so much better than the ex(es.)

Honorable people don't badmouth their exes.

And emotionally stable people don't want to be with you forever before they actually know you.

The thing you should be wary off, is not getting entangled in a romantic fantasy that has yet to play out.

Stay grounded.

That’s also how you can spot certain character traits, such as a lack of integrity, that you too quickly brush off when you’re focussed on a fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled.