Indifference Towards The Narcissist

Will you ever feel it?

Sophia Bell On Medium
3 min readMar 11


Drew Colins

You just wanna get there right?

To the point where you feel no love nor anger for the narcissist.

Where nothing they say or do can affect you.

People ask me how to get there.

How much time does it take?

Will it ever really happen?

Getting to a place of indifference is a gradual process.

And time is your ally in this particular development.

A breakdown of that process:


The stage in which you’re left dazed and confused.

Like you just got ran over by a truck.

You don't know how you got to this point, what exactly just happened, what this all means and where to go from here.

All you know is that you're hurting and you miss a person that did everything to you, you could've never imagined anyone capable of doing.

You feel betrayed, desillusioned, made a fool of and you're living in a surreal dreamstate, not able to process the reality of it all.


In order to make your life bearable and in hopes of soothing the allconsuming pain and the chronic confusion that you're under, you start needing to understand wtf happened and why you're left feeling the way you do.

You start talking to people about the things you endured, being with this person.

Unfortunately, you get little acknowledgement or understanding from friends or family.

They think you’re scorned or unable to move on.

It's very hard to wrap your mind around the concept of narcissism and for people that have never dealt with it, the things you experienced are simply unfathomable.

So you hit the internet, start Googling the narcissists behavior and the emotional state you’re in.

And there it is, finally!

You find out about narcissism.