The build up.

Sophia Bell On Medium
1 min readMay 21, 2024
Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

Gaslighting starts very subtle.

It starts with the narcissist telling you that you're mistaken.

Then they ramp it up to you being confused.

Soon after, the narcissist will start getting “worried” about you.

They continue with the “you have your opinion and I have mine.”

Then it goes to you making things up.

It then develops to you being insane, bipolar and abusive.

And it all ends with “believe what you wanna believe, Idgaf.”

And there you'll be, being lied to cheated on and abused, but not sure if that is in fact going on, because the narcissist keeps vehemently denying everything you're seeing and attributing your observations to your mental state.

When all of those things ARE going on.

But you’ll find that out some time before, or after they discard you with the fury of hellfire because, supposedly, you’re a deranged basketcase from hell.

Which they made you.