Falling in and out of Love With a Narcissist

The process.

Sophia Bell On Medium



A narcissistic relationship is not like any other romantic involvement.

It’s a sick and twisted dynamic.

People fall in and out of love with a narcissist for entirely different reasons than they would with a normal partner.

And then there’s the part where you start strongly disliking the narcissist, but feeling like you can’t leave.

Also, the decision to leave a narcissist is based on, generally, the same conclusion for everyone.

Here it is described:

What makes you fall in love:

  • The promises.
  • The devotion.
  • The shared ambitions.
  • The strong similarities.
  • The intense connection.
  • The firy passion.
  • The exceeded expectations.
  • The validation.
  • The unconditional commitment.
  • The desperate need for your surrender.

What makes you fall out of love:

  • The treachery.
  • The viciousness.
  • The disconnect.
  • The emotional…