Ask a Narcissist a Question

And you’ll reget the day.

Sophia Bell On Medium
2 min readMar 19


Narcissists have a peculiar way of answering questions.

It’ll drive you up the wall.

They just can’t do it.

They can’t be truthful.

Because they’re liars.

Prepare yourself for the following torment when you dare ask one anyway:


After a look of: “Wow, that’s weird”, the narcissist will first rattle on as if you never asked a question.

Trying to deter you from any further interrogation.

Because, well, you know, you’re being weird.

You asking that question is ridiculous and the narcissist is rising above your stupid question.


When you decide to continue on your inquisitive journey and you pose the question again.

This time louder and in their face, the narcissist will first start with the word: “What”.

This “what” has several meanings to it.

“What I didn’t hear you.”

“Wtf do you mean.”

And “What are you asking me that for.”

You ask the question again, all of a sudden the narcissist is attacking you character, talking about things that happened with your ex, bringing your mom up, yelling at you and whatnot.


This is the part when the narcissist will claim to never have said something, never having done something, having no recollection of what you're claiming and then they take it up a notch.

This notch above the previous one will contain claims about your memory being impaired, you ears being damaged, your eyes needing glasses, your mind being fucked.

They might also throw in there some medication and mental health advice, bless their hearts.


Here’s where you’ll reach a point where you’ll have to start battling your mind to stay conscious.