Are You a Narc Magnet?

Here’s what you’re doing.

Sophia Bell On Medium

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about her only attracting narcissists.

Not only in the romantic department, but also in her social circle.

It’s narcissist after narcissist.

Everytime she has a friendship going on, or meets a new love interest, they turn out to be narcissists.

So we were discussing why these narcissist are so drawn to her.

How do they know from the start that she’s a right fit for them?

So I tell her, you know Carolina, you do tend to be very cooperative.

She asked me what I meant by that.

I continue to tell her that she lets people push her around.

She does things she really doesn’t feel like doing, just to not piss the person off.

One example is, an acquaintance came to visit her recently, well, not her really, but Los Angeles, the city she lives in.

That person came with her husband, they were staying at a hotel.

To then start calling my friend everyday to ask her to pick them up and go to some attraction, or sight seeing place with them.

Now, this was not because they wanted to have a good time with Carolina, because she really had no time to vacation with them, and she tried to tell them.

She was vaguely implying that she didn’t want to go, saying things like, well I do have a lot on my plate today, I don’t think that I can make it there by 11 am.

To which the person then replied with, oh, how about we make it 12 pm then.

Then my friend would say that she really has too much to do.

And the person would then reassure her that they won’t spend more than a couple of hours sight seeing and that it’s so hot, too hot to be walking anywhere, or wait for a cab and that if she wanted to, they could have dinner together, which would spare Carolina the trouble of cooking.

Mind you, they ordered her nachos and then ate almost the whole plate themselves.