A Long-term Relationship With a Narcissist

Holding it down.

Sophia Bell On Medium
1 min readJun 5



Some people wanna know why a narcissist would even bother being in a long-term relationship.

The answer is that they don’t.

Narcissists don’t bother at all.

If you’d leave it up to the narcissist, the relationship wouldn’t stand chance.

You are the one that’s making it long term, just think about it.

  • Who’s putting in the effort.
  • Who’s trying to adjust to who’s needs.
  • Who’s the one that’s faithful.
  • Who’s the one trying to keep the romance alive.
  • Who’s the one trying to understand the other.

Now let’s switch it around.

  • Who’s the one that could care less.
  • Who’s the one causing all the arguments.
  • Who’s the one being shady.
  • Who’s the one that has no commitment.
  • Who’s the one doing their best to sabotage the relationship.

Narcissists don’t invest anything into the relationship.

And they’re constantly wrecking it.

It would surprise you to see how long-term this relationship actually is, were you to act the same.